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Pre Admission

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Our dedicated team of professional staff are committed to providing you with the highest standards of care from pre admission to discharge.


Submitting your admission form

To ensure we can confirm your admission, financial and other arrangements, we ask that you:

  1. Complete an Admission Information Booklet, available from your doctor or from the hospital, and send it to us as soon as possible.
    You will need the following information to complete these forms:
    1. Personal/Next of Kin details
    2. Funding details (eg  Private health insurance, workcover or self funding)
    3. Item numbers and any information about prosthetics and disposables if you have been advised of these by your doctor


Ask your doctor about your medications and what to take before and during your hospital stay.


Confirming your admission time

Our staff will contact you on the business day prior to your admission to confirm your details and provide information about your admission time and fasting, if applicable.


Pre admission Checkup

Your doctor may ask you to attend our Pre admission checkup.

The purpose of the pre admission clinic visit is to:

  • Obtain a thorough medical and surgical history and review medications
  • Conduct blood tests, X-rays, ECG and other investigations
  • Have relevant allied health professionals, such as dietician, physiotherapist or stoma therapist, assess your needs
  • Provide information about the surgical procedure and recovery process
  • Arrange for your discharge home or to rehabilitation
  • Understand your needs and answer your questions

If you are scheduled to attend, please bring with you:

  • A list of your current medications
  • Current X-rays
  • Doctors’ letters
  • Past medical history from your general practitioner