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MEWA Hospital Radiology Department is modern, dynamic and a professional diagnostic imaging centre.

Some of the equipments available here is the X- ray, 3D Ultra sound machine.

All routine imaging is performed digitally using the latest computed radiography systems or direct digital systems. Images are displayed on high resolution monitors and recorded on dry films, CDs or DVDs. The digital imaging is a cleaner production process that does not involve use of darkroom chemicals. High quality images are produced with minimised need for retakes.



The department has an emergency and trauma X-ray machine in the accident and emergency centre and other X-ray units in the department. They are:

  • X-rays for trauma and emergencies
  • Chest X-rays for medical examinations
  • X-rays for medical diagnostic evaluation




The department has acquired the new generation equipment in 3D scanning and provides a wide range of ultrasound examinations including Color Doppler studies, high resolution Breast Scan, Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) and Drainage procedures under ultrasound guidance.



We have professional Radiologists, Radiographers, Sonographers, Nurses and Secretaries who adhere to patient confidentiality and undergo rigorous CME’s throughout the year to keep up with the international standards and national radiology standards of quality system.